Why Should I Play Unicorn Attack 2?

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a game from Adult Swim where players must control a rainbow unicorn as it races through the universe. There are three games in the series so far and Unicorn Attack 2 still remains the best of them all. You might have heard of the game and are wondering why so many people love a game about a unicorn. You’ve come to the right place because here you will find all the information you could want about an awesome unicorn game and learn why you should give it a run.

What is Unicorn Attack 2?

Unicorn Attack 2 is a nonstop side-scrolling game. This means the levels begin automatically and don’t stop until you fail. In this case, if the unicorn falls off a cliff or hits an obstacle. It is a really simple game mechanic and a popular one as there are tons of these types of games on the market. Unicorn Attack 2 stands out from the rest because of it’s unique and silly character. You control a rainbow unicorn. Come on, nothing is cooler than that. The locations players run through are also very colorful and fantastical so it never feels boring.

How is Unicorn Attack 2 Different From the First Game?

Unicorn Attack 2 has the same game play mechanic as Unicorn Attack but with some new features and abilities the game gets a complete overhaul and feels like something new. In the first game, players just jumped and dodged in an attempt to get farther and farther with the unicorn. Unicorn Attack 2 provides a couple new abilities to help you get farther. You can also customize your unicorn as often as you want to make him look cooler. The game also incorporates enemies and not just obstacles. There are missions you can complete for extra loot.

Unicorn Attack 2 provides so much more entertainment than the first installment. It is definitely a step up. Or a hoof up.

How Do You Play Unicorn Attack 2?

As mentioned earlier, the game is a non-stop side scroller. As you as you tap to start the game the unicorn will automatically start running. You must then tap (or hit a key) to jump or use an ability. The farther the player gets in the game, the faster the unicorn moves and the more obstacles appear to stop you. The game does require good reflexes but it actually helps you build good reflexes if you don’t have them. You will start out failing repeatedly, but keep at it and you will soon have your unicorn soaring elegantly.

How is Unicorn Attack 2 Different From Unicorn Attack 3?

Unicorn Attack 3 is quite different from the first two games. In fact, nobody really seems to like it. It’s very 3D graphic heavy which slows down devices so many can’t even play it. The game play is very different when the game does manage to run for you. It’s best to just avoid this new game until it gets the bugs worked out. Luckily for you, Unicorn Attack 2 players well and still looks good on any device.

Where Can You Play Unicorn Attack 2?

This is another cool thing about Unicorn Attack 2: You don’t need a mobile device to play. The game is completely free so you can easily download it to your Android of iOS device. This will always save your progress so you never have to start over. That’s all well and good, but what if you are stuck in line somewhere or on a quick break from work and you want something to do without much hassle? You don’t want to load up the game because it takes a few moments.

You can play Unicorn Attack 2 on many different websites that offers unblocked games. Unblocked games don’t require any kind of download or sign up. You just load the game and play. Granted, the games don’t save and if you stop playing you will have to start all over again, but when you want a quick unicorn fix you can’t go wrong with a free online unblocked version of Unicorn Attack 2.

Are There Other Unicorn Attack Versions?

Adult Swim released a few different versions of the game which can still be found online to play as a free flash game. Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal gets rid of the colorful rainbow and introduces darkness and a heavy metal song. The Christmas versions has a Holiday song and, of course, lots of Christmas themed images. You can find these version on iOS or even as a pack alongside the first Unicorn Attack game.

You can play Unicorn Attack Revolution on Facebook. The game is slightly different in that the unicorn can turn into different types of robot creatures if you collect enough stars. Finally, there is the retro version where the graphics and character all look 8-bit for fans of old school gaming. It can be found on unblocked game sites to play for free.

Why Is Unicorn Attack 2 so Awesome?

You play as a unicorn that smashes through enemies, wears cool hats, flies through the sky, and is psychedelic as all get out. Do you need any other reasons?

Unicorn Attack 2 is by far the best game in Adult Swim series. It has much more to do than the first installment and runs better than the third version. You now know all the reasons why the game is worth wasting your time. You won’t regret. Ride hard, unicorn fan.

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